Confronting Abuse & Changing Lives

Royal Family Kid's (RFK) camp is a week long summer-camp for Foster Care Children in our local communities. Churches unite with Social Services to give these kids an opportunity to be encouraged, blessed, and valued. It is RFK's mission to have 100,000+ foster children involved in one of their camps and mentoring clubs, and to change lives with the effective demonstration of compassion and unconditional love. RFK camps are hosted around the world for foster children ages 6-11 where children are given a week of positive memories and royal treatment in a Christian Camp environment.

This year, New Beginnings Community Church and Crossroads Christian Church in Corona hosted Royal Family Kid's Camp for 74 Foster Children! With 70 volunteers of all ages and the support of our families, friends, and churches, we were honored to serve kids with energy, fun, compassion, and nurturing leadership. We were so blessed by the prayer and generosity that we not only funded the camp facilities and meals for everyone, but we also provided special surprises and activities throughout the week! It was amazing to see that it takes a village to provide time, funds and love to ensure each camper was seen, loved and appreciated for who they are. Our volunteer's donation of time, supplies, gifts, and funds made a difference in the lives of 74 kids and we thank and appreciate you! Below you can learn more about what our NBCC & Crossroads teams did at RFKC 2018!

THE RFK camp experience

Each of our campers receives special attention from their counselor and support staff plus a handmade quilt and pillowcase, a Bible, going to camp T-shirts, going home T-shirts, a back-pack, a memory book and birthday presents! This year we were blessed to enjoy an evening of Laser Tag from Dynasty Toys, a fire truck that blasts foam instead of water, a Kickball Tournament, and a special graduating campers pizza pool party. In addition to those wonderful events we also had our daily archery, woodworking, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, time with critters and of course our plays, Bible and Breakfast Club story time, talent show, birthday party and lots and lots of joyful singing.

Welcome Party

welcome party

Counselors make it a special occasion for arriving campers, whether it's their first or fifth year coming. Everyone makes a sign for each child and waves it in the air as the ROYALLY decked out bus pulls up. We're cheering and jumping around in excitement as each kid is announced stepping off the bus. Counselors greet them with a smile and pure joy as they head to see what their cabin looks like and to get settled!



Everyday the boys and girls have time to swim! Since the boys are usually separated from the girls, each group has their own time to swim. During this time, counselors have the option to rest for a minute, write a some notes to put in the camp mailbox, or swim with the kids. On Thursday Morning, there's an opportunity for brave souls to go Polar Bear Swimming which involves waking up an hour early and swimming in the pool full of ice cubes!

Woodworks / Racetrack

Woodworks/Arts + Crafts

For all the creatives, we had an Activity Station that was dedicated to Wood Working and Arts and Crafts. Kids were encouraged to build a birdhouse, race car, bug catcher, stool, or their own creation with their own hands -- Counselors and staff assisted for safety and education. Kids could also take their creations and finish them with a colorful coat of paint or make other very artsy creations.

Beauty Shop

Beauty shop

Another fun Camp Activity Station is the Beauty Shop where kids can get their hair styled or even dyed, they can wear make-up, collect some fun accessories, and live their best life with the ladies that oversee it. The boys are even welcome to get their hair dyed in crazy colors and wear some wacky and cool mustaches! As much as we encourage these children and affirm how purposefully and wonderfully they were made, it's still fun to mix it up with some stylish looks!

Bible Adventures

Our main stage

The amphitheater of the camp is where we met for daily Bible stories, dramas, fun worship and camp songs, our movie night, Breakfast club, and the talent show where these kid's gave it their all! It is consistently our favorite night because we get to cheer on and watch these empowered children showcase their God-given talents! As the main center for our activity and entertainment, we rely on staff for all of the dramas, music, and production – we're so grateful for their dedication and hard work!

Tea Party

our tea party

This is a small event dedicated to elegance and grace. Girls adorn themselves in fancy dresses, clip on jewelry, sun hats, and accessories before being ushered into the Tea Room. Our male staff members dress as gentlemen in formal suits and gratuitous chivalry to demonstrate how these beautiful girls should be treated. At the boy's Tea Party, they're taught how to respectfulness and patience while enjoying light desserts. 



One of our many Camp Activity Stations is fishing! Staff run these stations and teach the kids how to cast and catch the catfish in the pond. Counselors are there to help whenever kids need further help with casting, reeling, or releasing the tree they caught instead! Every kid that catches a fish has their picture taken as a token of the memory because all our fish are catch and release. We had three kids catch a 14" long catfish this past year and break camp records!



Archery was perhaps the most sought after Activity Station! There were kids who had no experience shooting Bull's-Eye targets with ease. For returner's, it was about conquering their rankings from the previous year(s). Our targets were bales of hay covered with balloons. Every popped balloon was tied around their neck to display proudly. We definitely had some experts that week!

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Many foster children don't get the chance to experience a birthday celebration by the time they come to camp, or perhaps ever. So Royal Family Kids celebrates everyone's birthday with a huge party! We enjoyed two rock walls for climbing, face painting, hair dye, a jumper, hay rides, popcorn, snow-cones, cotton candy, carnival games, gifts, and the experience of being surrounded by people who just love on these wonderful, sweet kids!

Dining Hall.jpg

All the food…

The wonderful staff of the grounds daily turned out delicious meals to fill and satisfy campers, counselors, and staff alike. Before we entered our dining hall, a camper was invited to pray over the meal which is so honoring to hear them give thanks at such a young age! Although Counselors were encouraged to eat with their assigned campers, meal time was the best time to get to know other campers, counselors, and staff members. You'd be extra lucky if you got "Grandma & Grandpa" to join you for a meal!

Camp Counselors



We look forward to our next camp
July 14th -19th, 2019

More information will come to show how you can get started on the process to participate in RFKC 2019! But in the meantime here's a glimpse of what to expect:

First, you'll apply to be a counselor or staff member for the camp.

A Counselor is assigned two campers and has the privilege of working, mentoring, and having fun with them all week. You'll have help from colleagues, directors, and other staff throughout the week so don't be too worried about your capability as a Counselor. Two Children – and only two – are assigned to each camp counselor. In addition, there is generally a “back-up” Staff person for each counselor, so the actual staff-to-camper ratio is often one to one. Counselors will also decorate the cabin (optional though encouraged), sleep in the cabin with the kids, create a scrapbook "memory book" that highlights the week, and responsibly get the kids ready for each event on the itinerary.

Staff is distinguished by supervising the Camp Activity Stations and assisting wherever needed. Instead of solely watching over two kids, you'll have interaction with all of the campers! Staff will also put the kids to bed every night, except Monday night, to give the Counselor's an opportunity to rest and work on their Memory Books.

Next, you'll be contacted for an interview with the Camp Directors to evaluate your suitability, state of being, and best potential fitting within the camp. Afterwards, all Camp Directors, staff and counselors will go through intensive training, including a study of the dynamics of child abuse and neglect, using recognized professionals in the field as faculty. There is also an intensive screening process for counselors and staff (fingerprinting and background check that costs $20-30). 

From the mandatory in-person and online training, you'll find that there are strict policies for behavior of campers, counselors and staff which assure that there is never an opportunity for an unsafe or questionable situation. Additionally, several strict and important measures are taken to ensure the camps are safe for the children. The campsite itself has been especially selected to provide a safe, fun place for the camp experience.

Get started by filling out the application form below for First Time and Returning Counselors/Staff Members. Begin saving, asking for prayer, and gaining support from your family and friends — $700 covers the facility fees, meals, and cost for your two campers. Don't hesitate to join, we're always happy to see our NBCC family members step out and positively impact the lives of others!