The James Club was the original name proposed for Alcoholics Anonymous in its early years. The Christian pioneers preferred this name because of their reliance on the teachings found in the book of James in the Bible.

Our James Club is comprised of groups of recovered Christian alcoholics and addicts who had suffered silently for many years. Part of our recovery is the study and practice of AA in it's original Christian form: give "as much of ourselves as we understood, to as much of Christ as we could comprehend." Our desire is to get back to the intended original roots, our foundation in the love, grace, mercy, and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

alcoholics anonymous group - 12 Step Program

Our James Club AA explores the secrets, fears, hopes, and issues that confront those of us hampered by the baggage of alcoholism. The integration of scriptural truth combined with compassion, support, and accountability will help you as you move down the road to recovery. We love you who are suffering and we can help.

Seek us Thursdays at 7:00pm - 8:30pm at our NBCC Norco Campus in the Upper Room.

Narcotics Addiction Recovery

Narcotics Anonymous Group - 12 Step Program

We know first hand the death and destruction caused by addiction. We have seen individuals and families ravaged by the effects of drug addiction. We have seen those that we love fall under the weight of addiction in our co-workers, our friends, our relatives, and ourselves. We understand, we've lived it!

Our Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step fellowship group consists of men and women who are working together through accountability and working the program based on its original design. We encourage you who are struggling to join us in an environment of love, support, faith, and growth as we move forward together to become the men and women that we were created to be.

We meet Sundays at 5:30pm - 7:00pm at our NBCC Norco Campus in Classroom 204.


Al-Anon Support Group

Faithworks is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics and addicts who share their experiences, strengths, and hope in order to solve the problems often associated with issues of addiction.

The purpose of this group of men and women whose lives have been affected by alcoholism and addictions is to help by offering friendship, comfort and support.

We know the difficulties associated with addiction and their impact on marriage, families, relationship and life in general. Our foundational message is one of hope. Understand that you are not alone.

Join us Tuesdays at 7:00pm - 8:30pm at our NBCC Norco Campus in Classroom 201.


A Note from our Ministry pastor

The philosophy of the NBCC Marriage, Family, and Relationships Ministry is simple: to see the broken made whole.
To live a haphazard life of chance and indecision is to be powerless and to give control of our behavior and decisions to others, thereby forfeiting the power and freedom that God's grace, truth, and forgiveness grants us! New Beginnings is a firm believer that the church and its extensions should serve a function similar to that of a hospital, moving alongside fellow travelers down the road to a healthier life. The decision that you face is not an easy one. Many of us come from a painful past that has a firm grip on our present. I want to encourage all of you, that you are not alone.
None of us come through life without bumps and bruises; it's a result of the world that we live in. What's the good news? We don't have to face the future alone. God has placed us all together to rub shoulders and encourage one another through community and fellowship.
We offer a wide variety of group and classes to assist your needs and desire for help and healing. You'll discover a safe heaven to share and begin to examine motivations and develop an understanding of why we are caught in our current patterns of behavior. We also identify changes that will benefit our present circumstances.
Through NBCC's Marriage, Family, and Relationship Ministry we hope to assist you in regaining the power that God has given you to make the decisions that will move you toward a healthier tomorrow. We're here to help.
Eric A. Disney, M.S.
Pastor, Marriage, Family, & Relationships Ministry