Mark 12:31 says "'…You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these." New Beginnings Community Church is a multi-generational fellowship that provides opportunities for everyone to connect in communal, transformative, and missional small groups. Following Jesus' ministry model, we strongly believe that ministry doesn't only happen for an hour on a Sunday Morning, but also at the tables surrounded by believers and non-believers alike. We simply want to be a healing fellowship that acknowledges, through our sin and the sins of others, that we are all broken and need Jesus' healing touch and love through others. Explore our growing list of Care Groups and services available to you!



STEP ONE | God created us for great things and he has a plan for all our lives. It's our goal as Christians to discover what that plan is and to seek how God may use us. Rooted is a practical, hands-on course to learn how to live an effective and consistent life for Jesus Christ. This is highly encouraged as the foundational course into our Care Groups!



STEP TWO | This 9-Session class will teach you how to budget, save, and plan your finances to work for you. By managing our blessings, we are able to prioritize and give to others as God intends. Within a small group atmosphere, we will engage in conversation, share praise reports and support one another through this transformative experience.


Life Groups

STEP THREE | As the overall goal for our Care Ministry, Life Groups are the epitome of two or more gathering for the fellowship and worship of Jesus. Viewed as the bridge between Church and Sunday and your daily routines, Life Groups encourage people to come together through activities, book studies, Bible study, or common interests. Build new relationships today!



Learn when to say yes and when to say no--to your spouse and to others--to make the most of your marriage. Only when a husband and wife know and respect each other’s needs, choices, and freedom can they give themselves freely and lovingly to one another. Boundaries are the “property lines” that define and protect husbands and wives as individuals. Once they are in place, a good marriage can become better, and a less-than-satisfying one can even be saved.

Every couple can benefit from this insightful class.



A 12-WEEK marriage class designed to teach foundational techniques that will facilitate healing in marriages, regardless the degree of distress, as we learn God's definition of a successful marriage based on selflessness. MBD offers a great blueprint which demonstrates that even with all the challenges that couples face today, marital harmony need not be considered an impossible ideal. (for traditional married couples) This class MUST be attended as a MARRIED COUPLE.


JAmes Club

James Club are consistent 12-step groups based on the Bible's book of James with God as the basis for healing. These co-ed groups provide accountability, sponsorship, and fellowship as members work to overcome alcohol and drug addiction.