From June 24th - 30th, 2018, the New Beginnings Community Church family sent a small group of willing, loving, and gifted Missionaries to Belmopan, Belize. Through the coordination of Praying Pelican Missions, unity with Trinity Alliance Church in Redding, California, and hospitality of Casa De Díos Church in Belmopan, NBCC's team of Missionaries was truly blessed by this rewarding opportunity to share the love of God as well as be blessed by His presence. The Belize Team led two Sunday School lessons at local churches, hosted a vibrant Vacation Bible School for children and teenagers, distributed bags of food to families in need, shared their testimonies, hosted a Youth Service, and amongst many other things, they: Loved, Cared, and Served.

Below you'll find the photos, testimonies, and experiences from the trip from our Missionaries. We hope that you enjoy a glimpse into this experience and thank you for your prayer, support, and encouragement!

There are many more photos and videos from the trip. You can view and download them by clicking here.


"A Mission Trip always surpasses your expectations and it all starts with just one step. This is my second time going on a Missions Trip, and both times were in Belmopan, Belize. In 2017, I learned about stepping out in faith to trust wherever God calls me and to be wholly genuine with the way God intended me to be. This year was about vulnerability and building relationships — with the incredible team from Trinity Alliance Church, with my friends in Belize, with Casa De Díos, and with my ever growing NBCC family. I loved witnessing a week of incredible growth for first-time missionaries and seeing the literal foundations flourish beneath their feet. I grew with the returners as we looked through life with a reinvigorated lens and ambition. It's been a couple weeks later and I still dream I'll wake up in Belize amongst my friends and family, ready to minister to everyone from children to grandparents everywhere we go – especially if you're with 'Mona from Corona.' The shared stories, laughs, tears, and honesty are things that I'll cherish greatly and I can't wait to make more memories on the 2019 trip and beyond."
Thomas Hernandez

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